The Changeopsis Changemaker Programme

Based on the Changeopsis Approach to Coaching and the VISION Model the Changeopsis Changemaker Programme provides a pathway for you to achieve your change and live your best life.

This program is focussed on achieving the balance you want in your life going forward.  We look at both the personal and the professional aspects, how they interplay with each other and how you can make things work for you and your family.  You drive the agenda and are in control of the outcome.

The Changeopsis changemaker Programme takes approximately 9-12 months to complete and is delivered virtually.   I include the following:

  • Complementary Strategy Session
  • 2 x 90 minute sessions in the first month (Intensive Clarity and Crystal Clear Vision)
  • Followed by 2 x 50 minute sessions per month for next 8 months (16 sessions)
  • 2 extra 30 minute or 4 x 15 minute quick-fix calls – to be used as required
  • Unlimited text and email support throughout
  • All the tools and resources you might need
  • Access for life to the tools

Total Investment for achieving your change and living your best life is £4995 (also payable by instalments).

As you progress through the Changeopsis Changemaker programme, I will support and guide YOU throughout, providing that much needed accountability and sounding board to help you progress faster.  To make change happen, you need to have both a clarity of purpose (in other words a clear understanding of the what and the why) and a clear vision (exactly how the end result will look and feel).  Understanding yourself better in terms of what makes you tick, what your strengths are, what is important to you and what is holding you back, will help break through any barriers you experience and will empower you to move forward.  This in turn will means that all the actions you take, no matter how small, move you closer to this goal.

It is important to realise that this type of lasting and sustainable change takes time and so the full Changeopsis Changemaker Programme lasts several months.  This means that you have the time to gain the clarity needed, create your vision, take appropriate action steps, see the effect and make adjustments as necessary.  You will build the momentum and over time these new actions will be become habit and you will achieve the sustainable change you want.

For further details of the Changeopsis Changemaker Programme, click on the “Blueprint” box below:

If you want to know more, please book a time in my calendar to speak to me on a no obligation strategy call, or contact me directly.

Don’t worry if you find the thought of making major changes daunting – it is scary stepping into the unknown and this is why I also offer individual coaching sessions and shorter packages

  • The Shift – 6 weeks
  • Momentum Builder – 2-3 months
  • Stepping Forward – 6 months
  • The Changemaker – 12 months

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The Changeopsis Blueprint for Lasting and Sustainable Change
Step Problem Solution Transformational Benefit Tools/ Resources
Intensive Clarity Complete Overwhelm knowing that something needs to change but what? Getting clarity on the what is occurring right now. So that the major challenge is identified, defined and understood. Knowledge is Power. Naming the challenge enables us to look at ways to overcome it. It sets the scene for the next steps

Coaching Conversation with Powerful Investigative Questions

As well as coaching tools as applicable e.g. Wheel of Life, Values Exercises

Crystal Clear Vision Do I have a clear vision for how I want things to be going forward? How exactly will the best outcome for me look like? What will be different? How do I know this is right for me? Creating a crystal clear vision of how you want things to be. Get down into the nitty gritty, know what you are working toward. Ensure that it aligns with your values. Own it! By knowing your destination, you can then begin to look at ways to align your actions with your dreams. The long term goal will keep you motivated as you progress. Coaching Conversation with Visualisation and Values Exercises
Discover your blocks Identify the blocks in place to making your vision a reality. E.g. self-doubt, self-esteem, worthiness, money, guilt etc Discover the blocks which may have prevented you from moving forward previously. Find ways to view the situation from a different perspective. Recognising and acknowledging this potential blocks early means that we can put measures in place to overcome them. We gain control Coaching Conversation with Limiting Belief Exercises and reframing perspectives.
Unleash your Superpowers We focus so much on eradicating our weaknesses that sometimes we take our strengths for granted. Getting clear on our strengths will help us move forward Identify your unique strengths When we work using our strengths, things become easier. It is much less effort than working on our weaknesses. We can use our strengths to our advantage in making the changes we want. Coaching Conversation and various tools such as personality questionnaires, strengths finder.
Be SMART Often when we want to make a change we rush in head first and try to change everything all at once. This often leads to failure, despair and disappointment Create manageable, realistic and achievable goals in step-wise fashion to build up confidence and start the ball rolling. One step at a time, no matter how small gives us confidence to try the next step and before you know it – you are moving forward toward your goal.

Coaching Conversation and setting actions and reviewing the progress, providing accountability.

Various Tools such as action plans, aAccountability strategies. prioritization, journaling

Own it Often we get started but don’t keep up the good work. We get exhausted from the effort or we might experience a set-back. Acknowledge the progress so far. This is your journey. Return to the vision. Uncover any block and utilise your super powers. Define the next steps and keep on going! Owning the process means you are in control, you have the power and ability to make this work for you. You just need to find a way around any obstacles.

Coaching Conversation, uncover limiting beliefs, or blocks

Use journaling and other acknowledgement tools, review progress. Problem Solving techniques.

Revel and Reveal Often we forget how far we have come and don’t acknowledge the transformation and the insights and learnings we have gained. Leading to dissatisfaction and detachment. Sometimes we can revert to our old behaviours. Spend time reviewing how far you have come. What you have achieved. What you have learnt. How you can implement these learnings going forward and keep the change sustainable. Taking time out to acknowledge our own progress and successes is important as it provides us with confidence, renewed vigour, enables us to see key learning points and provides the space to revel in our success. We truly experience our accomplishment. It also enables us to set up strategies to keep the change sustainable before they are needed. Coaching Conversations. Reviewing Tools, Mindfulness exercises. Visualisation and preventative strategies.


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