VIP days and Workshops

Time and Space to Focus on You

VIP Days will be perfect for you if you want to dive in and give your life or career a gentle but powerful kickstart.

Taking time out from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life, the two of us meet at a countryside retreat, so that we have the time and space to focus exclusively on you. I support you to reconnect with who you truly are and what you need to make you feel happy and fulfilled.

The days are fully-catered and include lots of materials, tools and techniques for you to take away and use again and again.

I currently offer two different VIP Days and tailor them specifically for you, your needs and your desired outcomes.

Uncovering the Authentic Leader within

If you are fed up and exhausted from trying to be Superwoman and know something has to be change before your health, relationships or career suffer, then this VIP Day is for you. You will discover other modes of being that are just as effective at getting stuff done as Superwoman but don’t leave you feeling drained and unfulfilled. Coming from these five modes of being, the Women’s PowerTypes, women experience greater flow and ease and their experience of life and fulfilment levels improve.

This one-day immersion exclusively focussed on you, deepens your understanding of the five Women’s Powertypes, and how these can be used in your life and career. It will help you to uncover your leadership strengths and skills so that you can operate in a more sustainable manner. By embodying them and incorporating them into your daily consciousness you will become the leader of your own life and take command of your vision for the future.

You can begin to thrive rather than just survive.

Price: from £850

Career Kickstarter

This is a one-day intensive to kickstart your career and address the big question: “what next?”

It is completely tailored to your needs and circumstances, no matter where you are in your career. Whether you feel trapped or burnt out, fancy stepping up or changing direction, this one-day intensive will help you focus on what matters to you, reduce the feelings of overwhelm and reconnect you with your vision for the future. You will leave with clarity over the next steps and how to move forward purposefully.

Price: from £850


Catherine runs several workshops full or half-day throughout the year on:

  • “What next?” – Career vision and planning to help you move forward with clarity
  • “What’s a Portfolio Career and How to Create Yours” – considerations for your net move
  • “Stepping Up and Discovering the Leader Within” – Understanding personal leadership
  • “How to Juggle Work and Home Without Burning Out” – Time and energy management secrets

If you would like to know more please contact me

If you want to know more, please book a time in my calendar to speak to me on a no obligation strategy call, or contact me directly.

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