about catherineDo you feel hurried, harried, pulled in all directions, permanently pushing uphill? Preoccupied with staff leaving or preventing others from becoming stressed out or ill?

What if our workplace was less about struggle and juggle and more about collaboration, community and flow?

I’m Dr Catherine Evans Joines, founder of Changeopsis. I am on a quest to sow the seeds of change in the global workplace paradigm.

I help business leaders, managers and owners imagine and make happen a more fruitful, sustainable, collaborative workstyle, rather than burning themselves out.


No stranger to change, my life feels like I am the Chief Explorer on an exhilarating adventure, with many twists and turns, ups and downs. Following my PhD, I’ve spent 20 years travelling, working and living all over the world. I’ve experienced successful, sometimes stressful career progression within the global scientific sector. I’ve presented at international conferences in the USA, Europe and Asia. I’ve held a myriad of marketing, training, sales and business development roles, working remotely in global virtual teams, whilst living and working in another country. Onwards, upwards, side to side, I had a rare insight into different cultures and working practices in many organisations; how they positively as well as negatively impact people’s wellbeing and success.

I was all in, operating at full tilt in this ‘go get ’em, always on, win at all costs’ paradigm. There was little time for fun, for life: constantly travelling, never home. Everything was out of kilter and life felt very much like a military operation. This fast pace and unrelenting Superwoman workstyle took a toll on my physical and mental health and family life. Recovering from post-natal and pre-natal anxiety and depression, I knew that there had to be another way. Another way to be successful and thrive at work. I decided to take stock, change course and retrain as a Leadership and Empowerment coach and Corporate Trainer.

Now blending our scientific approach, business acumen and coaching know-how, Changeopsis helps clients discover a new, more effective way of working. We help them visualise the change they can’t always see and the steps to get where they’d love to be, without burning out their most precious assets, themselves.

Change starts with a single step. Book a complementary strategy call below. We would love to explore how you and your organisation can move forward.

My Qualifications and Affiliations

I have completed the Advanced Coach Training with the International Coach Academy (www.coachcampus.com) and am a Certified Professional Coach.

I am an Accredited Certified Coach (ACC) and member of the International Coach Federation (ICF: www.coachfederation.org ).

I am a One of ManyTM Certified Women’s Coach and Trainer whole-heartedly support the mission of One of Many™ to unleash the bold, grassroots leadership of 1 million women internationally. (www.oneofmany.co.uk)

I am a member of the Trusted Coach Directory, a coaching directory for executive, leadership, management, and career development (www.trustedcoachdirectory.com)

I am a mentor for Inspired Women Lead, a cross-cultural mentoring programme (www.inspiredwomenlead.org)

Official Bio - Dr. Catherine Evans Joines

Dr Catherine Evans Joines holds a doctorate in chemistry and is an accredited certified coach.

For over 15 years she has worked internationally for and with some of the world’s major scientific and pharmaceutical companies in a variety of roles encompassing strategic business development, product/project management, marketing and sales.

The last 10+ years were predominantly in field-based roles, working remotely from the main business hub and in virtual teams that spanned the globe.

She is an experienced presenter and trainer and has spoken at international conferences in the USA, Europe and Asia.

Today Catherine partners with organisations and individuals, who are navigating the new global workplace paradigm of remote working, virtual teams, results only work environments, flexible working and portfolio careers.

In particular she equips those working globally and across virtual or remote teams with the tools to be more effective and step up into leadership, so that they and their organisations can flourish and thrive without burning out their most important asset, themselves!

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