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Flourish and Thrive, not just survive

I help high achieving successful business leaders and managers create their own balanced lifestyle so that they can achieve their professional goals and personal dreams without burning out.  I do this through 1:1 coaching, VIP days and workshops, as well as my 2 to 12 month Changemaker Programmes

I understand what it is like to achieve and be successful; feeling that inner drive to be and do more. I understand the juggling act that comes from having a successful career and trying to combine that with a happy family/home life. Some days you may feel motivated, purposeful and on top of your game. On others you may feel trapped, exhausted, guilty and wonder whether you are doing the right thing and what else is out there for you.

As a leadership and empowerment coach and trainer, I help successful professionals to consider “what next?”, so that they can achieve both their professional goals and their personal dreams.

For further details contact me directly to learn more about working together.

Specialist Areas
Want to aim higher? Have a better work-life balance? Ditch the overwhelm and the never-ending to-do list? Be and feel “You”?
Tell me about your vision for both your career and personal life, and let me support you to:

  • manage your time and energy better
  • successfully make your next career move
  • achieve your dreams without burning out
  • feel in command of your life and career
  • thrive abroad and repatriate successfully
  • uncover your authentic empowered self
  • step up – be the leader you know you are
  • build the bridge between where you are now and where you want to be

Let’s discuss how I can help you, please get in touch

Structured Training and Mentoring Programmes

Changeopsis currently offers 2 mentoring progammes. Click on the links below to find out more or contact me directly to explore how these could benefit you.

Frazzled to Flourishing

A 12-week time and energy management programme designed to help you ditch the overwhelm and constant busyness, regain control of your time so that you can find space for you, learning approaches which help you to thrive rather than just survive.

Read more here.

Life Leader

A 12-week life empowerment training and mentoring programme designed to help you experience greater freedom and growth so that you can have the impact you want to have in the world.

Read more here.

Coaching Programmes

Changeopsis offers a range of coaching programmes, delivered virtually at times convenient to you.  For information about coaching and how I work please look at the coaching page.

The Shift – 6 weeks

Momentum Builder – 2-3 months

Stepping Forward – 6 months

The Changemaker – 12 months

Workshops and VIP Days

Changeopsis offers group workshops throughout the year and details can be found here when the next dates are released.
In the meantime if you would like to take immediate action, we offer VIP Days.

Uncovering the Authentic Empowered Leader within (A one day immersion exclusively focussed on you, uncovering a new more powerful way to lead, so you can thrive)

Career Kickstarter (A one day intensive to kickstart your career and address the big question “what next?”

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