Why Changeopsis?

Hello. I am Dr Catherine Evans Joines; I founded Changeopsis, to bring frazzled business leaders, managers and owners a “vision of change”. A new paradigm and success blueprint where everyone’s talents are recognised and workstyles and lifestyles are harmonised.

The Changeopsis Difference

Our coaching and training services bring you:

A vision of change. Cross culture, country and continent, we’ve had a rare glimpse into the impact different management and workstyles have on wellbeing and success. We offer fresh perspectives and more effective alternatives.

A unique blend of skills. Our vast business, scientific and coaching know-how helps individuals and teams visualise and devise a new success blueprint and work-life paradigm all about freedom, connection and fun.

A scientific approach. Guided by our PhD in Chemistry, and a background in Life Sciences and Instrumentation, we help you playfully experiment with new workstyles to make the most of your talent and of your team.

A sum greater than the parts. Virtual teamworking means that companies can attract and retain the world’s most talented people if supported in doing their best work. We show how the sum of those talents contributes to a far greater whole.

Practical next steps. Change starts with a single step. We help you visualise the change and zero in on the steps necessary to make it a reality.

Please get in touch with any questions or to book a consultation:

How we got here

Growing up, I fell in love with the mountains.  My father took me mountain-walking in France, Austria, Wales and Scotland. I lived and worked in Switzerland for almost 5 years with my husband, a ski instructor and sports coach. Those experiences taught me, when feeling tired or lost, if we put one foot in front of the other, we’ll eventually reach the summit. We might even find an easier route. We’ll enjoy a breath-taking view.

‘Change starts with a single step’ has been my business mantra ever since. During my almost 20-year sales, business development and marketing career, constantly ‘moving mountains’, I could visualise the steps towards a new workplace paradigm, away from competition, to collaboration, connection and community, without burning ourselves out. To reach the summit and plan a journey to the next one, too. To enjoy the view!  

So, I retrained as a Leadership and Empowerment Coach and Corporate Trainer.  Today at Changeopsis we mentor, coach and train business leaders, managers and owners to see the change they’d love to see and take the steps towards where they’d love to be.

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