12 Signs you are working with a coach!

But what is it like working with a coach?

As with any new relationship in work and life, starting a new coaching relationship can have an element of uncertainty surrounding it. Often my clients have questions like

what type of coach are you?

how does coaching work with you?

what can I expect from the coaching process?

how will I know if I am making progress?

These are all valid questions. Finding out their answers will help You decide whether I am a good “fit” for you.

So what is my coaching ethos?

In all coaching conversations, YOU, the client are central to the whole process.

It is your beliefs, values, strengths, resources and experiences, which make you unique.

No-one else can be an expert on YOU.

Because no-one else has the exact same mixture of beliefs, values, strengths, resources and experiences.  

During our coaching sessions you will develop a greater awareness of these integral parts of yourself and learn to draw on them to move yourself ever closer to your goal.

Be the Best You Can Be

I am a firm believer in utilising our inherent strengths and in focussing on the positive action steps we can take to propel ourselves forward toward our ultimate goal.  I believe that to be “the best that we can be” we need to invest in ourselves, be curious and continue to learn and develop. As such my coaching is action-orientated and often utilises techniques and approaches from Appreciative Inquiry (AI), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Intelligence (EI).

So what does my coaching approach look like?

Although every coaching relationship is different and every conversation is unique, there are some common stages. Being aware of these stages and where the conversation is currently can help you, the client, and me, the coach, to move forward within the cycle.  

Over time, in conversations with clients, my own coaching style has developed and evolved.

Today I see it best depicted as a circle.  The VISION model.

A circle because once you have completed one cycle, the momentum and learning you have gained will propel you forward to set further goals, thus beginning the process again.

The process of developing your best self and moving toward your ultimate goal is on-going. There can always be improvements to be made or new things to learn.

How you progress and what you wish to focus on is up to you.

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