Vision (vizh’an) n. 1. An imagined idea or a goal toward which one aspires.

For me, having a vision for the future, how you would like things to be, is pivotal to being able to make and sustain change.

And throughout the coaching journey, the words of Joel A.Barker  are particularly apt.

The Changeopsis Vision Model for Coaching

My approach to coaching is centred around the Vision Model.  The model has 6 stages and is best depicted as a circle.  Once you have complete one cycle round the circle, the momentum you have gained will propel you forward to set further goals for the future. Beginning the process again.

The process of developing your best self and moving toward your ultimate goal is on-going. There can always be improvements to be made or new things to learn. How you progress and what you wish to focus on is up to you.

So let’s look at the stages in a little more detail…………………

V Voice the Desire Articulate the change you want to make or the goal you want to achieve or the topic you wish to explore. In this step we set-up the contract and specifically define the (overall) objective of the coaching session(s).
I Investigate & Explore How often do you truly explore an idea or concept; articulate your dreams and desires without fear of judgement and listen to your own internal dialogue or thought processes? Within the safe-space that coaching provides we do just that and explore your current situation and how the change will affect/benefit you.  

During this stage I might use a mixture of techniques such as the use of open questions, direct communication, active listening & feedback, role-play, visualisation exercises, personality questionnaires, challenging perceptions. And through these your self-awareness and self-knowledge will increase.  This is your opportunity to learn more about you so that you can identify potential pathways forward.

S Specific & Clear Armed with your increased awareness and a clear vision of your goal, in this step we get specific about the actions you could take to move toward your goal. Through brainstorming and idea generation techniques we develop milestones and explore what could prevent you from achieving them (obstacles).  We look at ways to support you in achieving these milestones and the resources and strengths you have at your disposal to overcome any obstacles you might encounter.
I Initiating Action Now is the time to Commit and Do! You choose which action (or actions) you wish to commit to……and then do them! These can be baby steps or giant leaps. You decide what will work for you.  The planning and preparation you have already done combined with prioritising and focusing on these actions will give you with the confidence to move forward and reach your goal.
O Own the Process Remember: You are in control. You are responsible for the progress you make and the actions you do. As your coach I will support you, provide you with honest feedback, and acknowledge you and the progress you are making. I will be your sounding board, cheerleader and accountability partner. If you get “stuck” and if something doesn’t quite work as you had hoped we can explore what is happening for you in this moment, so you can develop new strategies to move yourself forward.  No-one said change was easy and there mostly likely will be set-backs along the way but I will support you as you work toward your goal.
N New Insights and Learning Striving to be the “best you can be” is a continual process of self-development and it is important to make time to reflect on your progress and acknowledge your achievements, no matter how small or large. As you achieve one goal you will have gained greater self-awareness, learnt new skills, developed new insights. So in this stage you can reflect on this learning and determine how you wish to proceed with this new knowledge and awareness.  What will be your next goal/desire? And so the cycle continues.

Be the very best you can be

To be the very best you can be and reach your full potential and achieve your dreams and goals takes time, dedication and a lot of effort.

For sure you could do it on your own, but coaching gets you there faster.

If this resonates with you and you would like to arrange a complementary strategy session with me to discuss your unique challenges and vision for the future, contact me.

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