Training workshops

Created just for you

Every organisation is unique.

All trainings offered by Changeopsis are bespoke and co-created with you and your management team to ensure that focus and attention are given to the topics which will bring the greatest benefit to your organisation.

Using my extensive experience, I work with organisations to support:

  • Leadership Teams
  • Leaders with global or regional responsibility
  • Women in Leadership roles
  • Leaders or Managers of Virtual Teams

I offer both full and half-day trainings.

Designing a Training Workshop

Ahead of the training we meet to discuss the specific challenges and situations faced by you and your team. Together we agree on the scope of the training, the process and the outcomes. On the day of the training, I will then facilitate and lead the training. Often the training will be packaged with on-going support provided by Changeopsis to further embed the learnings and to ensure that progress continues post-training.

Specialist subjects of training

  • Authentic Leadership
  • Effective Communication
  • Time and Energy Management
  • Confidence
  • Resilience
  • Effectiveness and Innovation
  • Living/Working Abroad
  • Returning from parental/maternity leave
  • Building and Leading (global) Virtual Teams
  • Work-Life Dynamic
  • Strategic Vision and Implementation
  • Creating environments of trust

For prices, more information and to discuss further, please contact me.

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