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Your People are Your Greatest Asset

Organisations thrive when they invest in their people. Cultivating a working environment based on open communication, cooperation and collaboration amongst team members encourages the cross-fertilisation of ideas and innovation flourishes. Engaged motivated and supported employees able to utilise their individual strengths, skills and talents will ensure the organisation can progress and grow.

My strength is in supporting an organisation’s leadership team to develop strategies which effectively communicate the vision and mission, and present a consistent brand experiences to customers, business partners and colleagues alike. I do this by equipping leadership teams, leaders, managers and team members with tools to empower themselves and others to “be the best they can be”. Teams working globally, remotely, virtually or locally can create collaborative and innovative work environments based on a culture of clear open communication where everyone strives towards the same goal.

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Specialist areas

Changeopsis offers a variety of workshops, training and coaching programmes focussing on:

  • Authentic Leadership
  • Effective Communication
  • Time and Energy Management
  • Confidence
  • Resilience
  • Effectiveness and Innovation
  • Living/Working Abroad
  • Returning from parental/maternity leave
  • Building and Leading (global) Virtual Teams
  • Work-Life Dynamic
  • Strategic Vision and Implementation
  • Creating environments of trust

Clients say …

“Catherine’s professionalism and enthusiasm motivated customers and colleagues alike”

“extremely knowledgeable and used her skills to develop a strategic plan”

“an effective and impressive communicator, giving thought-provoking technical presentations to customers”

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