Catherine has worked with me as my coach since several months.

In this period of time I have seen her as a partner in reviewing my entrepreneurial ventures.

She challenged me with tackling some complex problem statements that required huge risk taking with a fresh and at times risky approach and supporting me with implementing some unconventional solutions.

What is remarkable about Catherine is her quick and sharp formulation of the right questions at the right time. She draws out from her client what is key to their success. She has the ability to make use of her vast experience, especially in sales and marketing, when identifying pain points and ensuring a continuation of the development of thought and their follow up.

Catherine’s coaching has been instrumental to bring some of my endeavors to fruition. I will certainly miss working with her as frequently as I am today, but I am delighted to continue the partnership with Catherine and do warmly recommend her as a coach.

Margherita Brodbeck Roth Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Sparking Idea LLC,  Zurich, Switzerland

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