There are pretty much only 3 things that are certain in life: death, taxes and change.

The world around us is moving at a fast pace. The rapid development and changes we have witnessed in technology in the past few decades are testament to that.

With this rapid advancement has come the social digital age.

We are now more connected, have access to more resources and information than ever before but at times it can be overwhelming, pressurising, suffocating and stifling. It can feel like you can’t switch off or take time for yourself, that someone always needs a piece of you.

Is this how it is going to be forever?

This can trigger a re-evaluation of our vision for the future. It can lead us to think about making more changes to our lives, such as returning or not returning to work, going for a promotion, changing career, following a passion, creating more balance.

Making changes is hard work

Making those changes in an achievable and sustainable manner so that they are long-lasting is even harder. This is because change by its very nature brings with it a degree of uncertainty. It makes us step outside our comfort zone. And with that comes a mix of emotions from fear and doubt to excitement and hope and everything in between.

Overwhelm and questions

Despite the wealth of information and resources available, it can often be hard to get started, as we can get bogged down in the sheer overwhelm of “where the heck do I start?” Or it can be difficult to keep the momentum going as we start to question whether we are “doing the right thing” or we just “get stuck and don’t know what to do next”.

Overcoming these challenges and barriers is crucial to making change happen.

So within my articles you will find inspiration and ideas to help you get started and keep you motivated toward your goals, dreams and desires.

To make the change happen…….


We need to have both a clarity of purpose (in other words a clear understanding of the what and the why) and a clear vision (exactly how the end result will look and feel).


Understanding ourselves better in terms of what makes us tick, what is important to us and what is holding us back, will help break through any barriers we experience and will empower us and move us forward.

I can support YOU throughout this process so that you achieve a clarity of purpose and have a clear vision of how you want things to be, so that all the actions you take, no matter how small, move you closer to this goal. I provide that much needed support and accountability to help you progress faster.

Read about my approach here or learn about what I offer or even book a free, no obligation, strategy session with me here.

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